February 2016

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The popular BEVCHECK instrument has been updated to provide better ease of use and flexibility.


BEVCHECK is used to provide a quick and simple method of ensuring that your final sterilising and stabilising membrane filters are undamaged and fit for use. The data it provides supports both quality and food safety frameworks by providing an objective measure of the filters' condition.


Improved features include bluetooth technology to provide wireless print-outs of test certificates and easier programming and recall of test parameters via PC using new version 3.0 software.


With IP53 splash protection, long battery life and robust construction the BEVCHECK is perfectly suited to the demands of your production environment.


For more information, a demonstration or help with operating and calibrating your existing instruments contact Peter on 07534 596 185 or [email protected]


October 2016

Scanjet jet heads for tank cleaning applications 


IPTL is pleased to announce the addition of rotary jet heads from Sweden-based Scanjet Systems to its product range. The cleaning heads are designed to provide 3-dimensional, 360 degree coverage during tank CIP and are self-powered by the flow of liquid through the inlet cone of the machine. The turbine and gearing system contain less parts and have more open space than older jet head designs, which reduces the likelihood of jamming during use.


Over the past two years, Scanjet’s products have seen increasing use in distilleries and breweries in the UK. Their addition to the IPTL portfolio will make them more available to the wider F&B market. One brewery, in a recent evaluation, compared the performance of a Scanjet BIO 10 jet head to other brands that they had been using to clean their fermentation vessels. The BIO 10 was effective on all sizes of FV and reduced the cleaning time by 30% by eliminating the need to manually clean the underside of the tank tops. Simulation software indicates that further savings in time, energy and water and chemical use should be possible by optimising the CIP conditions for each size of vessel.


For more information or to arrange a trial contact Peter on 07534 596 185 or [email protected]c.com.


November 2017



The Scanjet Bio 2SB is a very efficient replacement to traditional static spray balls. The baby of the range, it is designed for small tanks, offering 360° impact coverage up to a 1.3m radius at 3 bar supply pressure. It is designed to be used in the range 1-5 bar and is self-cleaning and self-draining. It's low flow characteristics mean that smaller CIP volumes and pumps can be used whilst still achieving increased cleaning efficiency. The patent pending Bio 2SB design follows EHEDG and GMP guidelines and is available in various material grades and with FDA 21CFR compliance certificates.


Scanjet's Bio SB range is increasingly becoming the first choice to improve CIP tank cleaning systems, saving water and increasing cleaning efficiency. The heads are easy to install with choices of clip-on pin, weld-on or threaded connections. The operational lifetime of the fluid bearing design can be two to three times greater compared to traditional ball bearing devices


For further information contact [email protected], Tel +44 (0)7534 596 185, or click here to download the datasheet from the Scanjet website.

Bio-2SB image