COVID-19 Policy


Updated 30th October 2020 - Current status in our location is tier 2 high risk



1   General statement


This special policy provides a situation update and addresses our actions concerning our company’s actions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our objective is to maintain a safe working environment for our staff and those we interact with whilst operating our business as normally as circumstances allow to minimise disruption. To facilitate this we follow UK government and NHS guidance as published at https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus and https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/ . We will take additional precautions where we think the official guidelines are ambiguous or result in unacceptable risk.



2   Supply chain


To minimise delays, environmental impact and delivery costs and to provide for rapid resolution of concerns, our strategy has always been to source products only from Europe. Our main supplier partners operate from the UK, Germany, Italy and Sweden. We cannot guarantee that some of these partners may source components from further afield.


Product availability for our range of filtration products, tank cleaning equipment and supplementary process components has not currently been affected, however turnaround time for non-stock items may be delayed one day due to the distancing measures explained in section 3 below. Generally, our couriers have returned to normal operation but may still be affected by changing local restrictions in the UK government's tiered response to COVID.


We continue to liaise closely with our manufacturing partners, primary suppliers and couriers to monitor the situation.



3   Day-to-day operation


3.1 Premises


Our business premises are located in a brewery and packaging facility qualified to SALSA plus BEER standard. Commensurate hygiene is observed at the facility, together with the additional guidelines stated in section 1 above.


The premises are shared and for our purpose are used primarily for warehousing, receipt and dispatch of goods and laboratory work.

-  Most of our administration is already carried out from home-based offices.

-  For activities that require presence in the business premises, our staff may work outside normal hours to maximise social distancing.

-  Additional clean down procedures are implemented at all work stations.

-  Returned product condition assessment and sample analyses may take a longer than normal to turnaround.



3.2 Travel


We have stopped all but essential travel. External business can be conducted through telephone calls, email, WhatsApp or Zoom. On-site visits will be considered on a case-by-case basis.



3.3 Stock-holding


We have increased our stock-holding of regular moving items as a precaution in case there are any delays in drop-ship or replenishment arrangements that are outside our control. The levels are being reviewed on a weekly basis.



4  Actions you can take


We hold stock of regular moving and contracted items. However, you know your own business better than we do so, as always, we advise:

-  Hold your own stock of key components.

-  If you have had to reduce your production and envisage reducing your usage of components that you take from us, please let us know to help us with managing our stock levels.

- Where you have future visibility of component needs, consider placing scheduled orders. Schedules can be cancelled if circumstances change, whereas last minute panic requirements cannot be guaranteed to be available.

- If there is any change in your business hours, please let us know so that we can advise our couriers.


If you have a credit account, we respectfully request that you keep it paid up to date to prevent shipping delays and to ensure a smooth transition back to normality.


If you have any specific questions or concerns, please call or email [email protected], 07534 596 185.


Meanwhile, stay safe and I look forward to normality returning as soon as possible.


Peter Riddell


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